Once you have arrived at the store use “Slide after Arrival” to alert the retailer and Skipcart that you are there. (For grocery deliveries you will need to put in your parking slot # and a store associate will bring out your order and load your car. For Food and Catering orders you will need to enter the retail location to collect the items.)

  • You can assist the store associate in loading your orders to ensure orders are properly placed and separated.
  • Place deliveries securely to not have them fall over and spill in transit.
  • Then use “Slide after Pickup” to begin your journey to the customer's address. This is important as it lets the customer know you are on your way. Please DO NOT "Slide after Pickup" until you have the groceries in your car and are ready to go en route to the delivery location. 
  • The Skipcart App will navigate you to the drop-off address using Google Maps when you click the navigation .

By double-checking this following list you will be prepared to be successful today. 


  • Make sure your phone is charged

  • make sure you have a charger in your car for your phone

  • Don't forget your hot/cold bags

  • Make sure you have a full tank of gas

  • Don't forget your SMILE!