After starting your delivery there are a few things to remember.

  • For grocery orders, a timer will begin after sliding “Slide after Pickup“. This time is for 60 minutes and will count down the amount of time you have to make the delivery. All customers, including Food and Catering customers, will be alerted you are on your way. 
  • If the time expires “Cold Chain Compliance” has been broken and the order must be immediately returned to the store for grocery orders. 
  • The Arrow icon will navigate your to the customer's drop-off address. 
  • Phone Icon allows you to call the customer.
  • Text Bubble icon allows you to text the customer.
  • Exclamation point icon allows you to report any delays.
  • Slide "At Drop-off" once you arrive at the customer's location. 
  • Slide “Complete Order” to have the customer sign or use "Customer Unavailable" to return the order to the store for grocery deliveries with no one at home.