When arriving at a delivery location, be sure to check the delivery information for any customer instructions and slide "Arrived at Dropoff" to let us know you have arrived.

  • Take the bags to the door and let the customer know you are there. 
  • Greet the customer saying “Hi, I am ____ and I am here with your (retailer) order.
  • Make sure all bags for that order are accounted for.
  • Once bags are successfully delivered to the customer, ask them to sign and use “Slide to Complete” to finish the order.

Please keep a few things in mind when interacting with customers:

1. Come prepared with at least one hot bag and dressed appropriately, drivers that arrive without the proper equipment and/or are not dressed in appropriate attire may be rejected by the retailer. 

2. Hints for appropriate attire – safety and appearance. Please care for your safety, an example is no open toe shoes. Appearance reflects on you and a lot of the time reflects on your tips. It is always a good move to consider this when preparing for a delivery service.

3. Follow special instructions in the app for delivery and set up. Catering orders often require some minimal setup. 

4. If the customer is unavailable, and you have attempted to contact the customer at least three times with no success and it’s past the quoted drop-off time please call the number for the catering company that is on your delivery screen and let them know that you can't contact the customer.  They typically will have additional customer contact info and can try and contact them on your behalf.