There are several reasons an order may need to be returned to the store including:

  • Cold Chain Compliance timer runs out
    • Cold Chain Compliance is a 1 hour delivery window from pickup.  You as the driver have 1 hour to deliver the groceries to the customer's house. If the delivery is not completed within the 1 hour time frame, the app will force you to start the return process back to the Retail location. It is important to, NOT "Slide after Pickup" until you have the groceries in your car and are ready to go enroute to the delivery location. 
  • Customer rejects the order
  • Customer not available
  • Vehicle Breakdown
  • Unable to proceed due to traffic
  • Missed Delivery Window
  • Canceled by retailer
  • Other Reason

If the timer expires for the 1 hour delivery window you will be automatically prompted to return to the store.

  • Expired orders need to be returned to the store immediately
  • All orders undelivered within the window must be returned.

For all other reasons, you will need to choose a reason code from the menu and proceed back to the store.

  • Slide "Customer Unavailable"
  • Select a return reason from drop-down menu
  • Order return journey info will pop-up
  • Click “Navigation to store” to begin the return process
  • Once at the location, call the number in the pickup area to let the store know you have returned. 
  • Return to same store location at the designated pick-up areas.
  • Have retail partner sign for the return.
  • Slide “Order Return Complete” button.
  • Drivers may now select any new orders from the Map.