Disclaimer: As independent contractors, Drivers have the responsibility to keep track of their earnings and to accurately report them in their tax filings. Skipcart does not provide a break down of your total earnings between base pay, tips, pay boosts, milestones, etc. Any questions about what you have to report on your taxes should be directed to a tax professional, as Skipcart cannot provide you with tax advice. You are also free to conduct your own research, as there are many publicly available articles online, such as this one from TurboTax. Please note that we cannot verify the accuracy of the content contained in this article or any other publicly available sources of information and again, we advise you to seek the advice of a tax professional if you have further questions.

Taxes are not withheld automatically and Skipcart calculates the subtotal of the Drivers earnings based on date earnings were deposited and is not based on the date the Drivers completed the deliveries. 

Drivers in the US

In the United States, all Drivers that earn $600 or more within a calendar year will receive a 1099-MISC from stripe.com
Can I change my election for delivery preference?
Yes! You can change your delivery preference from your account settings in your Payable profile at any time before 1/26/20. Please see Payable's support article for more details.

What happens if I don't select my delivery method by 1/26 or "rejected" the payable invite?
If you do not select your delivery option by 1/26 then we will automatically mail your 1099-MISC on January 31st to the address on file. Please log-in and make sure the information you entered when creating your account is correct!

If your information on file was incorrect or did not receive your 1099-MISC within 3-5 business days of January 31st you will be able to view your 1099-MISC electronically.

I already have a Payable account. Why do I need to create a new one?
All Drivers need to accept the invite from Skipcart 2019 in order to access their 2019 1099-MISC form.

Once you accept your invite, a Stripe account will be automatically created so that you may view your 2019 1099-MISC.

If you already have a Stripe Connect account, your 2019 1099-MISC will be under its own view labeled as Skipcart 2019.

If you need access to previous 1099s, please change your view to Skipcart  2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 from the dropdown list.


I created a new Payable account and selected electronic, but can't access my 1099. What do I do?
Your 2019 1099-MISC form will be available on January 31st.