When arriving at a delivery location, If the customer has requested and unattended delivery, be sure to check the delivery information for any customer instructions and slide "Arrived at Dropoff" to let us know you have arrived.

  • If there is no answer from the customer go to your in-app support (the bottom orange button) and inform a Support Specialist in chat that you are performing an unattended delivery. 

  • Make sure all bags for that order are accounted for and leave at the entrance of the front door not blocking the walkway or leave in a designated delivery area of the customer’s choice. Please make sure to leave items in a covered portion of the front door area if available.

  • Once bags are successfully delivered to the customer alert the dispatcher in your support chat that delivery is complete,  We recommend that you take a picture of the delivery and send it to support chat for proof of delivery. This is optional but recommended to ensure you get compensated correctly for the delivery. Mark an X in the signature box  “Slide to Complete” to finish the order.