As you are likely aware, United Supermarkets/Market Street experienced a system-wide outage on Saturday and Sunday, April 4 and 5.  In an effort to meet overwhelming demand we increased our capacity and unexpectedly triggered a system-wide outage. Due to the outage and high order volume, we were behind on our orders this week, and we apologize. 

We have addressed the technical issue, but relationships are most important to our company. The outage had unintended consequences on our guests and you, our valued partners.

In an effort to regain your trust and to thank you for serving our community during these challenging times, United Supermarkets/Market Street will add an additional $2.50 on each order above the $2.50 pre-tip we already include on orders. Together, this will put an additional $5.00 in your pocket for each United/Market Street order, effective April 11 – April 19. 

Thanks for the service you provide and for giving us an opportunity to regain your trust.