In order to make deliveries with the Skipcart app, you are required to have Google maps installed on your phone to navigate you to the pick-up and drop-off locations. The Skipcart app is currently only compatible with Google maps. 

 You can download it here:

Google Maps (iOS)

Google Maps (Android)

Google maps may have difficulty loading if you are in a low cellular data coverage area. If you've experienced this issue, try driving to an area with better cellular data coverage.

We understand a reliable GPS is an important part of delivering great service to our customers, and that a slow load time or freezing map can result in a frustrating experience.

 To turn sounds on or off in your google maps please follow these steps.

 In your navigation screen click the sound Icon to choose the setting you want.

1.  Muted: If there is a line through the speaker, it means the sound has been muted.

2.  Alerts only: If there is a speaker with an exclamation mark, it means you will receive alerts only.

3.  Unmuted: If there is a speaker with sound waves, it means you are unmuted.

If your icon indicates unmuted but you are not hearing any sounds your phone volume may be set to mute.