Contactless Delivery

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Skipcart takes the health and safety of all members of our community very seriously. Customers have the ability to request contactless deliveries in order to ensure the safety of the community. 

What is a contactless delivery?

A contactless delivery is a delivery where you do not directly hand the food to the customer. Instead, you place the food in a safe, agreed upon location and communicate that to the customer via your device (see the how-to section below). 

How do I know if a customer requested a contactless delivery?

You will either see this request as a text message or in your delivery instructions. You may see customers ask for “no-contact", “contactless,” or “leave at my door” deliveries.

How do I complete a contactless delivery?

  1. Agree on a safe, secure, and clean location to place the food.

  2. If the app asks you to submit a photo, then you can do so directly in the app (screenshots below). Otherwise text the photo to your customer.

  3. Wait at a comfortable distance for the customer to get their food.

  4. Mark the order as delivered, and continue delivering as usual!

In-app steps to complete a contactless delivery 

  1. If it is a contactless delivery, then upon arriving at the customer address, the screen will have a blue button that says “Take Photo of Delivery”. This will allow you to upload a picture of the delivery.  If you are unable to find the customer address, you can call or text them from the app. 


  1. Follow the steps to take a photo which is required for ALL contactless deliveries. The photo is intended to help the customer find the food. See requirements below on how to take a satisfactory photo.

  1. You may either use the camera feature in the app, or send a photo to our chat support from your photo library. The ‘Photo Library' option is especially helpful if you are in an area with poor cell signal, in which case you can go to a better area and upload from your library later.

  2. When you have completed the last step, the photo you took and submitted will automatically be texted and emailed to the customer to help them find their order. You will not see the text on your phone unless the customer replies to it; they can do so for up to 10 minutes after the delivery.

Providing clear photos upon delivery is critical, and here is a checklist of what to include in your post-delivery photos to help your customers easily locate their food: 

  • House/Apt Door

  • House/Apt Number (if available)

  • Food Package

  • Clear food drop-off location

Proper Photo

Improper  Photo

House/Apt Door 

House/Apt Number (if available) 

Food Package is clearly visible

Food drop-off location is clear

NO House/Apt Door 

NO House/Apt Number 

Blurry Image

Items in your vehicle

Food drop-off location is NOT clear



Remember: Not submitting photos for contactless deliveries may lead to deactivation of your driver account. If you are having difficulties taking a good photo click the chat icon from your Skipcart app and submit a picture to our live chat support. 


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