Grocery delivery process

Modified on Fri, 15 May 2020 at 12:49 PM

1. Accepting - Grocery delivery opportunities show up in your Skipcart app just like any other delivery for you to accept.

2. Picking up - Once you arrive at the store, follow the directions to the "Grocery Order Pickup” and park in any reserved spot and click “At Store". This will alert the store that you are there, you may need to call the store to let them know you have arrived. (Please only arrive 15 minutes before the delivery window). A store associate will meet you in the parking area, confirm that the order and customer match what you have on your app, load the car for you. If the store associate is not present within 5 minutes, call the number on the parking sign to inform the store of your arrival and who you are picking up for. Note that Skipcart partners reserve the right to request another Skipcart driver to complete their delivery if they deem that you arrived unprepared to deliver their order to their customer safely or securely. This includes cargo space that contains pets and/or pet hair, garbage/debris, or other consumer goods that may get mixed in with the order.

3. Delivering - The customer is expecting their delivery to arrive during their chosen delivery window so it is important that deliveries are completed on time. Keep in mind that they may not be familiar with Skipcart so if you need to call or text with the customer, please let them know that this delivery is coming from whatever partner you are delivering for at the moment.

4. Dropping off - Entering a customer’s home is strictly against our delivery protocols, this is for the safety of you and the customer.   All grocery deliveries must be taken to the customer’s door and will require the customer's signature – if the delivery is a Contactless / Unattended Delivery, you must follow the protocol to ensure correct completion of the delivery, this will avoid any pay discrepancies.  You'll see a prompt for this in the app with instructions for processing the signature. Note that Skipcart partners neither require nor expect the customer to tip for their deliveries, but it’s okay to accept cash tips if offered and online tipping is available. Once you're finished, obtain the customer’s signature, then check back in the app for current and future deliveries.

5. Returns - If the customer is not available at home or by phone and you’ve waited 5 minutes, please slide "Customer Unavailable" in the app. This will create a return for the items back to the Grocery partner store and you will be paid a return fee. Upon arrival, please call the number on the Partner store number on the pickup sign and let them know you have a returned order. A Partner store employee must sign to complete the return.

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