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Modified on Fri, 24 Sep 2021 at 08:46 AM

If orders have a bonus added to them you will be able to see the bonus reflected in the estimated earnings screen before you accept the order.

Monthly Bonus Program Details

Bonus eligibility: To receive the bonus, you must be an authorized driver in your service area, in good standing with Skipcart when the bonus is paid out. You must also have completed at least all deliveries on time for that partner(s). Bonuses will be paid out within the next 30 days after you qualify, and you must be in good standing with Skipcart at the time the payment is made to receive the bonus. **Any rush hour bonus, Peak Hour Bonus, returns or any other bonus deliveries "DO NOT QUALIFY"   For example if a delivery pays $15 flat rate and the in app shows $8.57, that would be considered a bonus delivery order and would not count towards the  Bonus Program. 

Bonuses are only in specific markets at certain times during the year.  You will receive details of the bonus at the email registered to your account.

*Market Bonus Promotions

Promotions will always specify the dates during which they are active and, if applicable, the specific hours in which they apply. These dates (and hours) are collectively called the "promotion period."

All promotions will specify when they will be paid out. It can take up to 30 days for promotions to be paid out depending on the promotion offered.

Guaranteed Bonus Period

Promos are an incentive to help our drivers earn additional funds when correctly completing deliveries. If you correctly complete the required deliveries on the promotion we cover the difference of the guaranteed earnings. 

For example, if the promotion is $100 for 10 deliveries, and you earn $80 we will add the additional $20 to your account to equal the guaranteed amount.  

*Promotional offers cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions. The promotion is valid only for the highest level of compensation reached during the designated time frame. 

*The Market Bonuses are only for the designated areas. 

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