Introducing Future Orders!

Modified on Thu, 13 Jun 2024 at 10:37 AM

What is a Future Order?

In the Skipcart App, a Future Order is a vital tool for drivers. It lets them plan ahead and secure catering orders for the next day. This means drivers can see the orders in advance, which helps them prepare and organize their schedules efficiently. These orders work on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring a fair system for drivers to confirm their availability. This transparency and control not only make things convenient for drivers but also improve the efficiency of the catering delivery process.

Accepting Future Orders

Drivers may receive notifications from Skipcart which will allow them to confirm a Future Order. A Future Order is an order that is expected to be picked up and delivered within the next 45 minutes – 24 hours. Once the driver receives the notification, they will have 5 minutes to confirm that they want to do that specific Future Order delivery. The “Confirm” button has a timer which displays how much time is left to make a decision.

Once the order is secured, drivers are able to view accepted future orders in the app. A Confirmation Notification will be sent 1 hour before the start of the delivery window, during which the driver will have 5 minutes to confirm they are still available to complete this order. Failure to do so will remove the order from the app and be available for another Skipcart driver to schedule.

Removing a Future Order

We understand that unexpected events can occur, making it impossible to fulfill a Future Order. To remove the order from the Skipcart app, just go to the order details and scroll to the bottom of the page. Removing a Future Order will not have any adverse effects on your driver account. At the final step, drivers will be able to provide information about why they no longer want to complete the Future Order and confirm their decision to remove the order.

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