If the customer has requested a contactless / unattended delivery, it will state this in the orders customer instructions portion of the delivery notes, be sure to confirm this is present.  


  • When you slide “Arrived at Dropoff”, contact the customer within the app to let them know you are beginning the contactless / unattended delivery.

  • Make sure all bags for that order are accounted for and leave at the entrance of the front door not blocking the walkway or leave in a designated delivery area of the customer’s choice. Please make sure to leave items in a covered portion of the front door area if available.

  • Once bags are successfully delivered to the customer we recommend that you take a picture of the delivery and upload in the app for proof of delivery. This is optional but recommended to ensure you get compensated correctly for the delivery. 

Providing clear photos upon delivery is critical, and here is a checklist of what to include in your post-delivery photos to help your customers easily locate their food: 

  • House/Apt Door

  • House/Apt Number (if available)

  • Food Package

  • Clear food drop-off location

    Helpful Photo

    Not-So-Helpful Photo

    House/Apt Door

    House/Apt Number (if available)

    Food Package is clearly visible

    Food drop-off location is clear


    NO House/Apt Door

    NO House/Apt Number

    Blurry Image

    Food drop-off location is NOT clear



 Remember: Not submitting photos for no-contact deliveries may lead to deactivation if the delivery is reported as not being delivered. If you are having difficulties taking a good photo click HELP or ? from your Dasher app and follow the prompts to report an issue.