Once you have arrived at the Return Stop click “I'M HERE” to alert the retailer and Skipcart that you have arrived. 


After clicking “I'M HERE” you are now ready to complete your Return Task. 


Clicking on a Task will expand the section to reveal all of the order details, as well as a GET SIGNATURE block, and the "RETURNED" button that indicates you have returned the order to the retailer.




  • For most returns, you will need to collect a signature from a store associate as delivery proof.

  • Once all items are returned,  use the “RETURNED” button to indicate that you have given the order back to the store. Please DO NOT mark the order as "RETURNED" until the order is in the store's possession. 

  • Once all tasks are complete and orders are in hand, tap the "STOP COMPLETE" button to begin heading to your next STOP or to complete the delivery and view your earnings if no additional stops are remaining.