To add your banking information please visit and login

Do I have to provide my bank account information?
If you do not want to link a bank account, you can also sign up using PayPal or by enrolling in our Instant Pay debit card program. However, if you would like to receive earnings in your bank account, we need your direct deposit information. You can always enter your bank account information manually rather than signing up with your online bank login by clicking the "Manually Enter" button at the bottom of the signup screen.

How can I link my PayPal account to Qwil if I use a different email address for PayPal?
For security reasons, we require that you use the same email address to link PayPal as you used to signup for Qwil. If you currently use a different email for PayPal, you can add your Qwil email to PayPal and then will be all set to link it as your payment method.