Introducing the Driver Rewards Program

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We're excited to announce the launch of our Driver Rewards Program, now available in select areas to a limited number of drivers. This program aims to alleviate the high operational costs associated with delivering orders by offering discounts on fuel and rewarding drivers with 7Reward points, redeemable for drinks, food, and snacks at participating 7-Eleven stores. 



How to Check Eligibility: 

If you spot a rewards section on the bottom sheet of your home screen, congratulations, you're eligible for the rewards. If not, don't worry; simply wait for the rewards to be rolled out in your area. 



Participation Steps: 

To participate in the 7Rewards program, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Find the rewards sign-up option on the bottom sheet of your Skipcart app home screen. 

  1. Follow the on-screen prompts and provide the required details, including your phone number, email, country, and name. 


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Fuel Discounts: 

Enjoy flat-rate discounts on fuel ranging from 10¢/gal to 20¢/gal at 7-Eleven branded gas stations. Please note that this discount is not applicable at co-branded gas stations such as Exxon or Mobil. To redeem the discount: 

  1. Visit the nearest 7-Eleven branded gas station. 

  1. Select the option indicating that you're a 7Rewards member on the gas pump. 

  1. Enter the phone number you used to sign up for rewards. 

  1. Notice the reduced price per gallon based on the discount available in your rewards account. Please be aware of the 30-gallon fuel transaction limit and a weekly limit of 60 gallons. 




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Earning 7Reward Points: 

Earn 7Reward points ranging from 1000 to 10,000 per delivery, accumulating more points with each delivery. These points can be used to make purchases at qualifying 7-Eleven stores. Here are some examples of what you can purchase with varying levels of 7Reward points: 

  • 500 points: Small coffee, banana, mini donut, small chewing gum, etc. 

  • 1000 points: Breakfast sandwich, mini tacos, pizza slice, 1L water bottles, medium cold brew coffee, medium Slurpee drink, 7-Eleven Fresh baked cookies, etc. 

  • 2000 points: Chicken sandwich, boneless wings, 7-Select energy shots, chicken fajita, etc. 

  • 3000 points: Energy drinks 

  • 4000 points: Whole pizza, fresh salad entrée, bone-in wings 



For precise information about the items available for purchase using your accumulated 7Reward points, kindly consult the 7-Eleven mobile app. 


Redeeming Points: 

To redeem your 7Reward points: 

  1. Visit your nearest 7-Eleven store. 

  1. Enter the phone number associated with your rewards account at the POS system. 

  1. Based on the available points in your account, you can purchase any item from the store. We recommend downloading the "7-Eleven: Rewards & Shopping" app from the app store or Google Play. Log in with the same phone number used to sign up for rewards and use the barcode available on your 7-Eleven app to pay. 


Rewards Expiry 

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Please note that the rewards will expire on the end date indicated on the rewards tile shown on your bottom sheet on the home screen. 7reward points available on your account will disappear from the skipcart app, however you can still use them at the POS system at 7-11 stores and see them on the 7-Eleven mobile app.  





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